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"I'm the come-what-may-type". The important thing is, I'm happy with what I do. That's why I'm the kind of person who'll try almost anything," smiles 22-year-old Sean Lim.

To say that he would try almost anything is an understatement. The young director - who is currently working on his Independent sci-fi movie - is also a recording artist under Synergy Music (featuring the hits "Basta't Sabihin Mo Lang by Vehnee Saturno and Wonder Girl by Trina Belamide), graphic designer (he has a degree in Multimedia Arts from the College of St. Benilde), print, ramp and TV commercial model for brand likes Jack and Jill NOVA, Globe Telecom, Smart Telecom, Bank of the Philippine Island, Wrangler, Bench, and a lot more, a director and producer of movies, corporate AVPs and music videos (he did several as seen on this site), and a teacher of Multimedia Arts at the Asia Pacific College.

The fact that Sean is the type who would try anything - even singing - may give off the impression that he is a dabbler, and that he is not at all serious. On the contrary, Sean is totally serious, to the point that he went to Hong Kong to attend a Hands-on-HOLLYWOOD Workshop. After a week of one-on-one workshop by the Hollywood team (Jack Messit-Director of Photography, Greg Collier-Camera Operator, Lee Walters-gaffer & Michael Gleissner-director), Sean landed up on a position as the co-Director of the music video of "Stuff I'm Made Of by Jo Wee" - OST of Irreversi.

All his hard work has paid off. In a matter of time, Sean's first movie will be released, and his directing career for movies will be off to a good start. Very soon, we should be seeing Sean (Which is what he prefers to be called) in the mainstream movie industry.

Sean is approaching his movie with the same kind of enthusiasm and effort that he has given to his other pursuits.


Multi-Faceted Talent Took Part in Hands-On Workshop on Bigfoot Entertainment’s Feature, Co-Directs Music Video

May, 2006 (Hong Kong) - For award-winning Pinoy filmmaker Sean Lim, directing wasn’t an unchartered territory until he sets foot into the Bigfoot Entertainment’s feature film set of Irreversi, currently wrapping up it’s ten-week production in Hong Kong.

Irreversi is a powerful drama about an overnight millionaire who plots the perfect murder of his beautiful wife. The film started principal photography at the end of March and stars Mei Melançon (X-Men 3: The Last Stand, “Deadwood”, “CSI”), Ian Bohen (Marigold, “Cold Case”, “JAG”), Kenny Doughty (Elizabeth, Titus, Crush, The Aryan Couple), and Estella Warren (Kangaroo Jack, Driven, Planet of the Apes).

Bigfoot Entertainment, together with the International Academy of Film & Television (IAFT), have developed a one-week hands-on workshop that invited film students from tertiary institutions access to a professional working feature film set, enabling them to gain valuable hands-on experience in fields relevant to their discipline of study. Sean, a 22 year-old graduate of De LaSalle College and currently a music video and television commercial director in Manila, spent 10 days on set with various department heads to immerse himself in a real life production of an international feature film by Bigfoot Entertainment, Irreversi.

Irreversi is directed by German-born Michael Gleissner, who also wrote the screenplay and conceptualized the dual language film. He was also the Executive Producer on Bigfoot-funded films such as 3 Needles (Lucy Liu), East Broadway (Margaret Cho), Shanghai Kiss (Kelly Hu) and the recent The Curiosity of Chance (Tad Hilgenbrinck).

This is Sean’s first foray into feature film. “It is like my “Big-Foot Step in realizing my dreams. After I joined the workshop, I became more confident in myself as a young director. I have been working on music videos and Audio Visual Presentations but my learning process doesn’t end there. I make it a point to venture into different aspects of filmmaking and I gained all of that in the IAFT workshop. I worked on cinematography, directing, producing, lighting, sound engineering… I learned how they deal with situations when unexpected matter arises, how they organize things on set, how to treat people…” Sean explained.

Director Gleissner was so impressed with his progress that he invited Sean to co-direct the feature theme song from Irreversi’s Original Sound Track, “The Stuff I’m Made Of”.

“We are very pleased to see how Sean has progressed within a matter of days through this program. Hopefully, it is as rewarding an experience for our students as it has been for us” says Kacy Andrews, CEO of Bigfoot Entertainment and Producer of Irreversi. Kacy is also the President at the International Academy of Film and Television.

Sean added, “Being in a real set makes learning more effective than reading books. With the Hands-On Workshop, it’s like a responsibility which leaves me with no choice but to make the best of what I can. The best part was, the Hollywood and international team of cast and crew were always there to answer all my questions and support me.”

Sean is no stranger in the entertainment arena. He is already a recording artist under Synergy Music (which has introduced hits “Basta’ Sabihin Mo Lang” by Vehnee Saturno and “Wonder Girl” by Trina Belamide). He has modeled for numerous print and TV commercials like Jack and Jill, Nova, Globe and Smart, BPI, Wrangler, Bench etc. To top it off, he is also a Director/Producer for corporate AVPs, TVCs and music videos for local talents like Anna Fegi, Intensity, The Empire, Nina, Nyoy Volante and Edmaro to name a few. He currently teaches Multimedia Media Arts at the Asia Pacific College.

Sean is back in Manila working on his independent Sci-Fi movie, XENOA.



Bigfoot Entertainment’s mission is to create an innovative, profitable and socially responsible organization and learning environment that provides quality content, products, and services for our stakeholders and the global market place.

Based in Asia, Bigfoot Entertainment is the parent company of Bigfoot Productions, Bigfoot Production Services, the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) and Bigfoot Partners. Through all of its divisions, Bigfoot Entertainment is recognized as a globally competitive organization that provides critically acclaimed and commercially viable content as well as providing facilities, services and training to international filmmakers.

Bigfoot Entertainment’s projects in Post Production include The Curiosity of Chance, an 80’s teen comedy written and directed by Russell P. Marleau, and the documentary USS Cooper: The Return to Ormoc Bay. Following Irreversi, one of the next films in production for Bigfoot is the hilarious comedy feature See Dick Run, co-written by Gleissner and produced by the team behind offbeat comedy and box office hit, Napoleon Dynamite.